20 Best Protein Sources To Add To Your Food Storage

In fact, you can make an amazing meatless pizza high in protein by just using items found on this list. No matter which form of milk you go with, be sure it’s organic. You’ll be avoiding antibiotics and hormones found in ordinary cow’s milk, and you’ll be staying free of pesticides and herbicides used to grow conventional soybeans. Hemp seeds won’t provide any psychoactive effect, even though they come from the same marijuana plant as the recreational drug. You can buy them and use them without concern of any laws or penalties.

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  • Eggs are my favourite though I love a bowl of oatmeal in the winter, it is my comfort food.
  • And if you’re going to eat sour cream, you should switch it to Greek yogurt if you’re trying to increase your protein intake, as it has nearly 5 times more protein than sour cream.
  • Each serving can provide around 0.7g of protein, and so can be a helpful top up if you are struggling.

Iron, zinc, sulfur, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, minerals and vitamin E are present in hemp seeds. Due to its heart healthy and other medicinal properties it has been used as medicine and food in China for more than 3,000 years. Like, Quinoa, hemp seeds are considered a complete protein which is one of the environmentally friendly protein sources, a rarity among plant based proteins. “These seeds contain all nine essential amino acids and they are an abundant source of gamma-linolenic acid as well as dietary fiber,” says Magryta. This is an excellent plant-based source of protein and is a great option for vegetarians and vegans, plus they’re super yummy and versatile in cooking. “Hemp seeds are also packed with antioxidants and unsaturated fats which are great for heart health,” she adds.

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So if you’re thinking of going vegetarian or vegan — or just scaling back on your meat intake a few days a week – you can still get the nutrients you need. In fact, a diet rich with whole plant foods can get you on the right track to lowering your risk for many chronic illnesses and help you feel better overall. That’s not to say hummus isn’t a nutritious food, even if the answer to the original question of, “Is hummus good for weight loss?

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Though not as popular as tofu, tempeh is another high-protein soy product that makes a great meat substitute. It’s essentially a packed cake-like helping of fermented soybeans, though oftentimes spices and grains, such as rice, will be added. A 3-ounce serving of tempeh contains 13 g of protein, per the USDA.

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Using Protein Supplements

That said, there are accredited organizations, like NSF International, that independently test supplements, including protein powders. A lunch box staple, natural peanut butter sandwiched between whole grain bread is another common combination that results in a complete protein source. A delicious Middle Eastern classic, pita and hummus are another combination that provides all nine essential amino acids. This breakfast pizza includes an impressive 22 grams of protein, breezing past the 15 to 20 for beginners suggested by Levy-Wolins.

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So let’s get started with this elementary ABC list of high protein foods based on six categories of the healthiest and best sources of protein. This healthy high protein foods list puts all the best sources of protein into ABC categories. Aiming for 20g of protein at brekkie may help regulate your appetite and keep you full for longer. Wholegrain wheat is a source of amino acids with something as quick and easy as two wholegrain breakfast biscuits containing 3.63g of protein – and that’s before you add milk. A serve of oats provides 5g of protein and there are also high protein breakfast cereals now available.

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